The Belgian Consular Union ( BCU ) is is an actual association that represents and unifies honorary consuls in Belgium

The actual members who are the honorary consuls accredited in Belgium who have paid membership fees They have voting rights and are eligibe to be elected. Honorary consuls abroad are associate members provided membership fees have been paid.

Considered as honorary members are former consuls who expressed the desire to stay involved in the activities of the BCU and have paid membership fees.The administrative counsel can request those members to take active part in activities if necessary therefore proving usefulness of their input. Persons who have rendered services and have been elected by the General assembly through recommendation of the Board of Directors

With this goal the BCU sees to enhance the relation and mutual information among honorary consuls . An additional aim is to improve the economic , cultural , social and other initiatives in the field of education between the mission countries and Belgium . The BCU will safeguard the respect for the statute and dignity of the honorary consul.

The General Assembly is the highest decision-making body . All members are invited at least once a year . Only the regular members have voting rights and are eligible to be elected . All decisions are made through a majority of casted votes . It is the intention to reach a consensus at all times . The General Assembly grants or denies discharge of all directors.

The General Assembly elects the Board of Directors consisting of 12 members. The Board nominates 6 members who will form the executive committee.Half of these 6 members originate from a Consular Corps of a Flemish province , the other half from a Consular Corp of a Walloon province.

In the event the candidate board members originate from a province without consular corps , they will be linked to East Flanders if originating from Vlaams Brabant and linked to Namur if originating from Waals Brabant. If from Limburg linked to Antwerp and if from Luxemburg linked to Liege.The colleagues from Brussels linked to the former province of Brabant more precisely Waals Brabant being Namur if Francophone ,Vlaams Brabant being East Flanders if Dutch speaking.

The call for candidacies for management functions to be renewed are stated on the letters of invitation. The names of the outgoing directors ,with mention of their provincial corps , are to be published stating their respective wishes to be re-elected or not. Every outgoing director is eligible to be re-elected and the new candidacies for honorary consuls are only admissible if there is at least 1 outgoing mandate of the consular corps to which the candidate is connected.

The directors are elected for a term of four years. Every two years half of the executive mandates are renewed. The Board of Directors may invite fellow honorary consuls or their representatives to the meetings.The invited honorary consuls however have no voting rights.

(*) Presently it is the Michele Di Gianni -award ,named after the Consul General of  Japan in Naples who in 1933 inspired the creation of the BCU . This award is given to a person who had an outstanding international carreer.