The Belgian Consular Union

 I have the honor to have been elected President of the Belgian Consular Union, (BCU) after a 25-year long presidency held by Willy Deswaef Honorary President.

A page in our history thus closes and another page opens. However, it is my desire that this opening should be carried forward with all of you which means all the Honorary Consuls, approximately 200 in number.

Indeed, the BCU is an association that contributes to strengthening the relations among all the Honorary Consuls serving in the Kingdom of Belgium, and contributes equally to the development of consular and diplomatic relations among the different states.

Our association maintains close relations with Federal Public Service of Foreign Affairs (SPF).
The BCU is member at the European level through the Federation of European Unions of Honorary Consuls (FUECH) and at the international level through the International Federation of Consular Corps and Associations (FICAC – World Federation of Consuls).

Our association participates in an annual meeting with the Honorary Consuls of the Netherlands (CCN)
and hopes to organize a similar meeting with the Honorary Consuls of France (UCHF).

I am hopeful of being able to count on collaborating with all of you in regard to these events, and am open to all suggestions, proposals as well as other events you may wish to organize.

We have the duty to perform our functions as Honorary Consuls with devotion, integrity and in a spirit of brotherhood. I have no doubt that this is your objective as well and thus the Belgian Consular Union will enjoy at least another 25 bright years ahead.

Monique De Decker-Deprez
President of the BCU

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Assemblée générale

Assemblee Generale Statuire, du vendredi 15 octobre 2021 à 17h00 à la maison De Caese, Hoogstraat 4, B-8000 Bruges.