The Belgian Consular Union


Next year, the Belgian Consular Union (BCU) shall be celebrating its Thirtieth Anniversary.

The B.C.U. brings together nearly 200 consuls representing the vast majority of countries of the world. That is the reason why you will permit me, first of all, to express a special thought regarding all the people and their families who are suffering, whether it be because of the pandemic, but also due to all the unjust wars which adversely impact many countries of the world or again, because of the natural disasters which do not cease multiplying. It is in such difficult circumstances, that we should demonstrate solidarity and empathy among one another.

In 2023, we intend to celebrate lavishly, the 30th Anniversary of the B.C.U.

In the meantime, we shall continue maintaining friendly ties with our Dutch and French colleagues and soon commence doing the same with our German colleagues.

The F.I.C.A.C and the F.U.E.C.H remain our privileged partners and we are fortunate in maintaining warm relations with the F.P.S. Foreign Affairs and more particularly with the Protocol.

But the activities organized by us, can achieve complete success only with the assistance of all the honorary consuls and all the provincial consular bodies. The B.C.U. was created, above all, to be a meeting place for all consuls. I, therefore, invite you to regularly consult our website where you will find information concerning the various activities organized by the consuls or consular bodies.

I thank you all for your collaboration and wish you enjoy reading the new Directory 2022-2023.

Monique De Decker-Deprez
President of the BCU

Brillante réception à l’Ambassade du Sri Lanka à l’occasion des 25 années en tant que Consule honoraire de notre Présidente, Monique De Decker-Deprez – 22 novembre 2022

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Réception au Sénat des consuls honoraires par la Présidente du Sénat Stéphanie D’Hose – 10 novembre 2022

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IVème journée des Ambassadeurs – 13 octobre 2022

Le 13 octobre dernier, s'est tenue la 4ème journée des Ambassadeurs organisée par le Gouverneur et le Corps consulaire de la Province de Hainaut. Une quarantaine d'Ambassadeurs et une quinzaine de conseillers diplomatiques ont participé à cette journée avec au...

Gala dinner 2022 of the Belgian Consular Union 7th October 2022 in Cercle Royal Gaulois

On the 7th October 2022, the traditionnal gala dinner of the BCU took place in the Cercle Royal Gaulois precedeed by the annual general assembly. This year, the honour guest was Mr. Steven Vanackere, former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Vice-Governor of the National...

Discours du Président du Parlement de la Communauté germanophone

Lors de la soirée Gala-BCU le 15.10.2021, au Crowne Plaza à Bruges.

Diplomatic Club of Belgium

Prèsentation de l’Estonie, de sa culture et des nouvelles technologies de l’e-Estonie.


Visite du port de Zeebruges.


Informations concernant le programme de la journée .

Assemblée générale

Assemblee Generale Statuire, du vendredi 15 octobre 2021 à 17h00 à la maison De Caese, Hoogstraat 4, B-8000 Bruges.